Parental Control is usually a monthly podcast, but in light of what’s going on in the world and now the kids are at home, we will be peppering in some extra episodes which will hopefully help people and inspire at this difficult time.

We thought this brilliant episode with arts and crafts blogger and founder of Red Ted Art, Maggy Woodley and My Baba’s very own craft extraordinaire Nanny Anita was very timely for the moment. We really hope it sparks some great ideas for crafting and getting hands-on with the kids now and in the coming months.

This episode is about crafting, experiments and having fun with kids of all ages. We talk about fine motor skills and educational aspects to crafting and everything in between. It’s amazing how much can be done with bits and bobs floating around the house. Crafting with kids definitely shouldn’t cost a fortune and I really hope you get inspired by these two crafty queens, whether it be a seasonal craft with the kids or a 5-minute rainy day activity.


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Show Notes:

Nanny Anita’s recommended useful websites:

Imagination Tree
Tinker Lab
Babble Dabble Do
Buggy and Buddy
Housing A Forest
Kitchen Table Classroom.
Happy Hooligans


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Don’t forget to check out LoLA, Lots of Lovely Art for kids. They’re busy supporting creativity in kids through art with their amazing art boxes for kids.