Why don’t children do what you ask them? How do you help them understand when they’re embarrassing you? And what do you do when your child says ’I hate you’ ?

My Baba founder Leonora invited child psychologist and parenting coach Dr Maryhan Baker on the show to talk about behaviour and rewards, helping your child manage their emotions and why she believes parenting books don’t work.

This episode looks at what not to do when your child is having a meltdown; why children don’t do what you ask of them; whether you should reward good behaviour with food; how to phase out the reward system; when to start reasoning with a child; how to label emotions and help children manage them; whether you should just let them your child do what they want; how to help them understand they’re embarrassing you; what do you do when child says ’I hate you’; diagnosing your child as hyperactive; whether you’re passing your phobias onto your children; how to help them articulate their emotions and prevent worrying; deciding to see a therapist; how to know if you’re doing parenting right.


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