Why is sleep so important? How do you calm them down after a nightmare? And is there a perfect amount of sleep for your child?

My Baba founder Leonora invited Mandy Gurney, a health visitor, sleep expert and the founder of Millpond Sleep Clinic on the show to talk about children’s sleep problems, how to learn your child’s sleep pattern and the things that stop them dropping off to sleep at night.

This episode looks at how one can spot a sleep problem; most common sleep problems and the main causes; learning your child’s sleep pattern – are they a night owl or morning lark; how you tackle ‘bedtime battles’ and helping them switch off; how the bedtime routine changes as children grow older; whether any screen time before bed is okay; how food impacts sleep; jet lag and staying in a sleep routine on holiday; nightmares – how to comfort your child after a fright; nightmares vs night terrors – what’s the difference; how to manage teeth grinding; teaching children the importance of sleep; supplements, sleep sprays, mindfulness apps; and finally, the perfect amount of sleep.


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