It’s Roald Dahl’s 100th Birthday and what better way to celebrate than having a Roald Dahl inspired party. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love Roald Dahl and hold at least one of his stories close to their heart. The books are timeless and have inspired so many imaginations and will do for generations to come, from Matilda to James & The Giant peach, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory and The BFG! Who doesn’t love Roald Dahl’s Gobblefunk (the term used for his language) with words such as whizzpopping, snozzcucmber and jumpsquiffling? With this in mind we have created some party inspiration based on 3 of these well-loved stories:


A perfect party for any book worm! Recreate a school to set the scene with hanging books, school desks and blackboards. Entertainers can be characters from the story or dressed as school children just like the mini guests. The perfect party bag would be a lovely book for children to take home and you could create some fun catering. If you have seen the musical then you will have been totally blown away, an absolute favourite of mine!



This is the ultimate party for sweet treats and imaginative catering. Beautiful sweetie tables signed ‘Wonka’s Sweet Shop’ and giant sweetie props are a must! Invitations can be chocolate Wonka bars with golden tickets inside sent out to your guest list with all the details of the party. Willy Wonka himself must make an appearance to lead imaginative interactive games along with some other characters from the story. You could have an invention room where children create sweet treats such as decorating cupcakes or biscuits and lickable wallpaper where they have to guess the flavours. Crazy games such as the Golden Egg Race, Gobstopper Popper Parachute Race and a Golden Ticket Treasure Hunt to end. I could go on forever with ideas for this theme.



Create a beautiful dreamland with giant dream jars and dream catchers. You could ask your guests to come in pyjamas and have an entertainer to play The BFG (just make sure he’s exceptionally tall) who can lead them on an imaginative party adventure. Children can share their bedtime stories about a Phizzwizard (good dream) or Trogglehumper (nightmare). Fun party food with snozzcucmbers and Frobscottle to drink will add that extra magic to this party theme.


For more inspiration download the Roald Dahl Party Pack here or contact NOTORiOUS KiDS for a bespoke Roald Dahl Party based on your child’s favourite story.

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