Over the Christmas period a little mouse got into my storage box for my sensory tray fillings and tired to eat its way through it! That’s 6 years worth of stuff, including my coloured pasta. Ugh! It was very annoying. But it did mean that I could redo certain things, like the pasta. We used the coloured pasta to make pasta mandalas and other pictures.

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To make your own pasta mandalas and other pictures you will need:

  • Different types of pasta
  • Paint
  • Tupperware box
  • Paper plates
  • Glue (optional)

pasta mandalas

Dying pasta is pretty easy. Just add you’re your pasta and chosen colour to your container (you could use a Ziploc bag but that isn’t very eco-friendly) and shake. The more paint you add, the more even covering you will get. Tip your coloured pasta onto a tray and let it dry.

Once your pasta has dried you are ready to start.

Creating mandalas is a very calming activity, making it a great activity to do when you have over stimulated children or ones that just need to chill after a long day at school.

I gave them the option of gluing down their creations, but they decided not to. Instead we just put the pasta back into the bowl once we were finished with it.

pasta mandalas

YC made a dog

As well as pasta mandalas we also made other pictures. In fact we had a lot of fun trying to make portraits of each other.

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Using dyed pasta to make pasta mandalas and other pictures as a calm down activity after a busy day at school.