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Hair loss and how to maintain the condition of hair is something we’re often asked about at My Baba, and this week our resident expert Dr Clare Thompson looked into hair loss and pregnancy in depth. We also spoke to celebrity hair dresser Paul Edmonds to ask for his best tips following the new anti hair loss system launched by LA Science. The LA Science Follicle Stimulating Shampoo is for every day use, and designed to increase blood flow to the scalp, promoting the best enviroment for the prevention of hair loss. Here’s what Paul had to say: 

Very often during pregnancy you don’t lose the amount of hair that is normally lost, so once breast feeding stops and the normal level of testosterone comes back it’s this hair that falls. The best advice is to take the hair shorter and blunter to reduce the strain on the remaining hair.

In pregnancy there are hormonal changes that affect hair density and growth, women will find that their hair becomes stronger and thicker during pregnancy, scalp condition can also improve and baby hair growth is often common.

Post pregnancy is often where women find the most trauma as hormonal changes can again affect the growth cycle and hair will revert back to its original pre-pregnancy condition however because the body’s change is quick and depending on whether women are breast feeding, the loss of hair speed can be traumatic. Supplements are a good way forward, such as Viviscal which contains fish oils and proteins, you can start taking these once pregnancy is over in order to stop hair loss over the next 3 month initial phase, maintain hair density and good scalp condition.

Also be careful colouring your hair in the post pregnancy phase, again hormone changes can affect the porosity of hair and strength which can do adverse things when colour peroxide are applied, try and opt for an ammonia free hair colour alternative.

Paul Edmonds

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