A few years ago, EC learnt how to make pebble pendants while on holiday.  I am not sure what gave him the idea, but he loved making them, and even managed to see a few he had made on the beach!  I still have the one he gave me.  It is rather beautiful.  He had been promising to show me how to make them for ages.  Finally, he got the chance as we had all the equipment for it.

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To make your own pebble pendants you will need:

  • Pebbles
  • Pliers
  • Wire
  • Wool or leather string

Originally, he had used leather string for the necklace, but we didn’t have any.  Wool makes a good substitute.

pebble pendants

Wrap you pebble in some of the wire and create a loop at the top for the necklace to go through.  Sometimes this takes a little bit of work, as you don’t want the pebble to fall out of its wire holder.

Cut a length of wool or leather, thread it through the wire loop and tie the ends together.

Easy peasy.  We spend a good hour or so making these.  They make extremely sweet little gifts to hand out to people.

pebble pendants

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How to make homemade pebble pendants - craft for kids