I went to the Daylesford Festival last weekend which was so much fun, it’s always filled with great things for the whole family and has a brilliant selection of children’s entertainment. Every year they have something new, and this time Pedal Car Parties really caught my eye. Not only is it a fabulous idea, but the children gravitated towads the area and could have spent the whole day there. 

Pedal Car Parties are a great idea; the brainwave of Carolyn Baxter inspired by her car enthusiast of a son. They hire a set of 11 vehicles along with a vintage petrol station, play garage, toy signs, cones and working toy traffic lights. They can also provide Pedal Car Party invitations, bunting and balloons to complete the package and create a party to remember. 

I particularly loved the ‘gas pump’ station which the children seemed obsessed with. Good luck Pedal Car Parties, I’ve no doubt you’ll do really well!