Until a few years ago I had a box of Christmas decorations that I had made when I was in school. There was a Robin made from a Dairylea box, an owl made from a loo roll and a peg angel. At some point during the last few years my Mum had clearly been through the boxes and had thrown all of them away! Don’t get me wrong there was nothing special with them. I made them when I was in reception, but still I was sad that they had been thrown away. They were part of my Christmas memories.  For years I had used them to decorate my room at Christmas and suddenly they had gone.

However, rather than stay sad about it, this year I have tried to recreate them with my charges. We made the owl last month, so now we have recreated the peg angels. Maybe next year we will make the Robins, although that does mean eating a lot of Dairylea.

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To make peg angels you will need:

  • Craft pegs
  • Dollies
  • Pens
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Glue
  • Scissors

For this craft all I did was make up a tray for each of my charges and let them design their angels. They did struggle to begin with how to dress their angel, so I showed them a few different ways, then something seemed to twig and off they went to design their angels. I don’t think either of them used one of the ways I showed them, all they needed was that little inspiration to begin with.


YC creating a dress for her angel.

Whenever I do a new craft with them I make a version before hand to show them what we are going to make (in true Blue Peter fashion), so they had seen my peg angel well before they actually made them. These angels really did seem to capture their attentions, and every time I pulled out a craft to do their first question was “are we making those angels?”


Now that they have been made, I hope that their decorations will be used over and over again just like mine was all those years ago.

YC's finished angel on the Christmas tree.

YC’s finished angel on the Christmas tree.

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Christmas peg angels