pen printed valentine's cards

Blogger / 7 February, 2024 / Nanny Anita

Pen Printed Valentine’s Cards

Each year I try to make a different Valentine’s Day card, this year I have gone for the pen printed Valentine’s cards.

Make sure that you follow my Valentine’s board on Pinterest.  Don’t forget to save the pin for later.

To make your own pen printed Valentine’s cards you will need:

  • Brush pens*
  • Card
  • Spare piece of paper
  • Pen

*To do the pen printing you will need a brush pen, I used these milky brushes by Pentel.  If you don’t have brush pen, then a thinner paint brush and some paint will do it.

On your spare piece of paper draw a heart in the middle and cut it out.  This will create the stencil you will need to do the pen printing.

pen printed valentine's cards

Tape the stencil to the front of your card.  If you have washi tape, I would use that, it makes it easier to take off without tearing the card.

pen printed valentine's cards

Then using your pen create hearts all over.  The tip of the pen will be the base of the heart and the end of the brush will make the rounded top of the heart.  In my pictures I am doing it the wrong way.  It still works, but I think that you get a better heart if you make it with the tip of your pen pointing down.

pen printed valentine's cards

When you had finished filling in all the gaps and having let it dry, carefully peel of the stencil and write your greeting on the front.

If you enjoyed making these pen printed Valentine’s cards, be sure to check out my chocolate hearts and painted love rocks.

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pen printed valentine's cards

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