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Pencil Case Essentials To Make Learning To Write A Complete Breeze

Last-minute shopping for back-to-school paraphernalia? Don’t forget your pencil case essentials! STABILO is your go-to for the best back to school stationery – yes, not much has changed since our day! Not only are their products super cool (and they always have been), they’re carefully produced in line with research by educationalists, scientists and designers to ensure their pens and pencils provide ergonomic support to help handwriting development from day one.

Shopping for the best pencil case essentials

STABILO’s research discovered that holding a handwriting pencil incorrectly can impair a child’s performance at school, leading to unhealthy stress, tiredness and potential damage to the posture of the hand. That’s why they believe it’s vital to stash those pencil cases with the correct tools to help your child through the most important time of their life… SCHOOL!

Shop sustainable stationery

When it comes to pencils, STABILO is the first manufacturer to receive FSC® certification, with 100% of the wood used in every pencil leaving their facility coming from sustainable sources, so you can shop sustainably.

Here is our pick of a few must-have essentials:


This handwriting pen is ideal for kids in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. Its ergonomic design allows them to learn and develop handwriting skills with complete ease and a relaxed hand posture that will prevent muscle fatigue and writing pain. The EASYoriginal has been engineered to fit perfectly within a child’s hand, and you can choose from either left or right-handed depending on your child’s predominant hand.

The EASYoriginal’s robust rollerball tip glides effortlessly over paper to deliver a smooth, easy handwriting experience, while the sturdy nib won’t break or bend under pressure, resulting in a blot-free, scratch-free page. What’s more, tips are easily replaced with EASYoriginal cartridges in fine or medium tip.

Available in a range of eclectic colours, including limited edition Holograph and Metallic editions.


Refills are sold separately to the pens and are available in royal blue, black or red ink.

EASYgraph / EASYgraph S

STABILO’s carefully designed handwriting pencils ensure children learn to write using the correct grip right from the start. They feature a triangular shape alongside non-slip grip moulds that work in unison to ensure a relaxed posture.

Available in two formats, the EASYgraph is suited to younger children, while the EASYgraph S, is a slimmer version of the pencil ideal for older kids.

The pencils are all made from 100% FSC-certified wood.

point 88 wallet of assorted colours

STABILO’s iconic point 88 fineliners are the pencil case essential for older students who want to create colourful notes.

The narrow 0.4mm tip is brilliant for making detailed notes, with a metal encased tip to prevent breakages. Point 88 uses a special formula ink that won’t smudge or dry out due to its long cap-off time.

Available in a range of sizes, from a wallet of 6 to a tin of 65 incredible colours!


A pencil case wouldn’t be complete without a BOSS® ORIGINAL highlighter! This unique and distinctive highlighter is celebrating its 50th birthday with the new 23 piece desk set, and its new Anti-Dry Out Technology gives users an incredible 4 hours cap off time.

The BOSS® ORIGINAL is also easily refillable, helping to make it last longer than ever.


The Deskset is available in 2 sizes, 15 pieces and 23 pieces (£51.72) with individual pens available too.

More stationery essentials from STABILO

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