A friend of mine lives in the New Forest and invited the babas and me to come down for a day of Peppa Pig fun. Both my babas are slightly obsessed with Peppa and his gang, and they have been counting down the days.

Fast forward to the night before and in typical English style, the heavens open with no sign of relenting. With seven children under four, we set off in the pouring rain, with true English spirit. We arrived at 10.00am on the dot, and although the queue to get in to the actual park was rammed, the ticket booth was empty. I grabbed our tickets and made a bee line for the shop where I found matching bee rain macs for a fiver a piece, and matching yellow cagoules for the grown ups. We sure looked like a stylish group.

By 10.30am we were ready to go and the queues had died down. The children didn’t seem to notice the rainstorm, and could hardly breathe for their excitement at the prospect of meeting Peppa Pig and family. The rides were brilliant, with something for all ages. Children are measured on entry. If they’re over 90 centimetres, they’re given a tag around the wrist to save time later on.

My daughter was the only one in the group to fall under the height restriction, but it really didn’t matter. We grouped together and did everything from hot air balloon rides to train rides; car rides, spinning cups and we even had a sneak peek inside Peppa’s house, where the whole family were flipping pancakes.

The good thing about the rain was the lack of queues but the only sadness was not being able to have a picnic in the grounds. Instead, we headed for shelter and took down an array of chicken nuggets, chips, sandwiches and juice boxes. Not the healthiest of lunches but a serious treat. There were lots of restaurants to choose from, and you could see that on a hot day they would be well equipped with ice cream floats and much more.

All in all, a great day, and we’ve already booked in for next year.