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Period Power! Modibodi Launches ‘Design A Pair, Get A Pair’ Competition

Calling all budding artists, activists, illustrators and fashion designers! Global absorbent apparel brand Modibodi announces its first-ever global youth design competition. ‘Design a pair, get a pair’ gives you the opportunity to create a design to show the world how powerful periods can be.

Enter Modibodi’s Period Power competition!

Modibodi’s competition invites you to design what ‘period power’ means to you, using whatever medium you like, with the goal of starting an important conversation about period equality around the world. ‘Period power’ could mean how you’re treated on your period, feeling confident to talk about your body, or all people being able to access period care without shame.

Design, draw, make or create for the change to have your entry produced on Modibodi’s newest range. The first 300 entries will receive a free pair of period underwear just for taking part, so what are you waiting for?

Design a pair, get a pair.

The Modibodi ‘Design a pair, get a pair’ competition is for anyone aged 18 and under who wants to take part.

The best bit? You don’t need any design knowledge, fashion qualifications, or any complex graphics programs to create your entry. In fact, all you need is a bloody great idea (excuse the pun) and a pen. The goal is to help empower young menstruators break down taboos and stigmas about menstruation.

Entrants to the competition will have their designs showcased across the brand’s social media channels. The winning design will be carefully chosen by a panel, which will include Modibodi Design and Innovation Director Charissa Lanham. The winning designs will be produced and available on Modibodi’s website from November 2023.

What Modibodi has to say:

“This global competition is a call to young people who want to break taboos and stigmas around periods in a very real way. We want to empower and inspire young menstruators to design their dream print for a pair of period pants so that they can join us in breaking the silence around periods. We aren’t looking for fashion experts, we just want honest, inspirational prints from young people who want their experiences of menstruation to be seen.” says Charissa Lanham, Modibodi Design and Innovation Director.

How to enter 

You can submit your design to the panel of judges via the form on Modibodi’s website. The first 300 entrants (100 per region: AU & NZ, UK, EU) will receive a code to redeem a FREE pair of Modibodi. Three winners will have their designs produced on the newest range of Modibodi period underwear.

Head here to read the competition’s full terms and conditions.

New to Modibodi? Here are some FAQs:

Do period pants work?

Modibodi underwear is designed to totally replace the need for disposable products such as panty liners, tampons and pads. The patented absorbent gusset in the underwear draws blood into the middle layers of the gusset, leaving the top layer feeling dry.

Modibodi uses high-quality fabrics like Merino Wool to keep you dry and support breathability. Australian patented?Modifier Technology™?– a super slim (only 3mm) stain-resistant lining for modern periods and leaks is incorporated into the underwear.

Which are the best period pants for a heavy flow?

Modibodi’s products have been scientifically proven for safe wear for up to 24 hours, but it’s best to test them first so you can understand your flow and make sure you chose the right absorbency. There are six levels of absorbency to choose from, ranging right up to Maxi, which is designed to hold ten tampoons or ten teaspoons worth.

A helpful tip for changing over is when the gusset/padding begins to feel wet. Modibodi’s top layer technology is designed to keep you feeling dry as it absorbs the liquid into the middle layers. The top layer will start to feel wet when the middle of the gusset has reached capacity, indicating the need to change to a fresh pair.

Are Modibodi products eco-friendly?

It’s a shocking fact that the very first disposable pad/liner/tampon you ever wore still exists in the world, and it’s going to take around 500 years to break down. Modibodi products reduce landfill, using sustainable and renewable fibres that are both kind and completely up to the job.


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