Ahead of the highly anticipated new Silver Cross designs due out this spring, we interviewed Phil Taylor, Head of Design at Silver Cross. Phil’s been head of the design team for 10 years, and has two teenage children. Phil loves ALL things design, he’s a keen cyclist and has recently participated in the London to Paris bike ride.

Silver Cross was founded in 1877 when founder William Wilson invented the world’s first baby carriage and has since enjoyed a 138-year heritage. Tell us why you think the brand has lasted so long?

There are lots of reasons for this but I think it’s mainly because of the very high quality products we produce along with exemplary levels of service. Over the years this has led to consumers developing an incredible affection, trust and love for the brand. Silver Cross has the heritage and reputation that comes with having a 138 year history, but we also continue to develop new products with a commitment to innovation and design, which also helps maintain brand loyalty.

What does your job as Head of Design at Silver Cross entail?

I am responsible for the all products we produce from a design perspective. That means the visual appearance, function and market requirements of the products. I head up a brilliant team of product, fabric and furniture designers and developers and collectively we are responsible for the development and launch of all new Silver Cross products.

How much of the decision-making surrounding a product rests on your shoulders?

I work very closely with our CEO Nick Paxton and together we decide what products we will develop and we agree on the key decisions during the development of those products.

Tell us about the new Silver Cross designs due out this spring.

We have a stunning new colourway, ‘Eton Grey’ which is a special edition in both Surf and Wayfarer. This is a gloss black chassis with soft grey flannel fabrics and beautiful trims and details. We also have a new yellow colour way for Reflex, Wayfarer, Pioneer and Surf. There are two brilliant new furniture collections – Notting Hill and Portobello. Notting Hill is a beautiful, contemporary, with white high gloss finish and Portobello is similarly contemporary with a light oak finish.

Do you have a personal favourite Silver Cross product and why?

My favourite Silver Cross product is Surf 2. This is the most advanced pushchair/pram system that we have ever produced and with its ultra lightweight magnesium alloy and air sprung suspension it’s a modern expression of the classic Balmoral.

You have two children almost in their teens. What was the most challenging thing about becoming a father?

Everything! Mine are now 14 (Edie) and 16 (Harry) and they get (slightly) less demanding and more entertaining as they get older. I would probably say the juggling of work with home and child-care is the biggest challenge.

Besides Silver Cross, what’s the one other baby product you couldn’t have lived without as a new father?

The baby monitor was a great thing for me for peace of mind particularly when they were very little.

What’s your favourite family recipe?

Spanish pork.

What do you for fun when you’re not at work?

I love cycling. Since doing a charity bike ride from London to Paris in 2011 with Silver Cross I’ve been hooked. Such a great way to get out and about in great countryside and keep fit at the same time. I’m just not too keen on having to get into the Lycra!

How would you sum yourself up in one sentence?

Committed, honest and passionate about design.