Whenever we are teaching little ones new phonics we generally will put an example to go with i.e. “a” for apple or “t” for teddy. With Jolly Phonics they have songs for each letter as it helps aid remembering. When my youngest charge has trouble recalling a sound, I tell her to think of the song or the movements that go with it, if that doesn’t help I make the movement, which normally helps.

This activity builds upon this and helps take it to the level. I took pictures from the Internet and printed them out so that my charges can match the picture to the sound that it begins with. This is an activity they can either do as independent learning or with help.

To make your own phonic and picture match you will need:

  • Pictures
  • Card
  • Scissors
  1. Either print pictures from the Internet or cut them out from magazines.  To begin with I have only done 2 pictures per letter, but as my charge gets more confident I will add more pictures to the collection.  I laminated the pictures to help them last longer, but if you don’t have access to a laminator, you could use the clear sticky plastic that is used to cover books and is readily available from WHSmiths or Rymans.
  2. On the card write out each letter and cut them out – I only did the small letters as their teachers have all said they need to learn the small versions first before moving on to capitals.

This activity can help development of:

  • Independence – if they do the activity alone, it will help them start to learn to think by themselves.
  • Hearing and saying the initial sound in words.
  • Identifying the writing letter with the sound it makes.