We have done a similar phonic find game before. Before I would give them a letter and they would have a minute to find as many things beginning with this letter and bring them back to me.

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To do your own phonic find game you will need:

  • Post it notes
  • Pen

Write down different phonic sounds and digraphs on separate post it notes for each child.

Then give your little ones a time limit to put the post it notes on items that contain the sounds.

The only rule we had was that they couldn’t put their post it notes for the same sound on the same object. For example if YC put her ar on a toy car, then the EC couldn’t put his ar on car.

phonic find game

It is actually a lot harder than it seems, or maybe I just think that because I’m dyslexic.

phonic find game

The person who put the most post it notes on correct items wins.

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Phonic find Activity for helping with phonics and digraphs.