Piccolo is going green and it’s the first UK baby food brand to do it. We hear so much about baby brands becoming more eco-conscious and sustainable but hardly ever when it comes down to baby food — until now. Piccolo, who produces the organic baby puree pouches (life-savers!), has stepped things up in the way of innovation to produce bio-based pouches.

Leading the charge in becoming carbon neutral, the bio-based new pouches are more sustainable than ever before. First launching across the Piccolo Pure range and ‘Piccolo & Go’ multipacks, the bio-based pouches are made from 80% plant-derived materials, rather than petroleum. What does this mean exactly? The materials used in the packaging are made from renewable energy sources (plants), rather than non-renewable sources (such as crude oil). That can only be a good thing! Plus, using more sustainable plastic means lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Read more about the UK’s first bio-based baby food pouch on MyLittlePiccolo.com

What is Piccolo?

Piccolo started as a delicious range of organic baby food pouches to support your baby’s weaning journey. Now, the brand offers a whole range of pouches, meals, and snacks to fuel your growing family. Don’t miss out on the new additions, including new additions of stock cubes, stir-in sauces, and teething wafers.


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Where can I buy Piccolo?

You can shop the range in all major supermarkets, including Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, ASDA, Morrisons, Coop, Tesco, Boots and in health food stores. Piccolo is also available online on Amazon, Ocado, and more. See the Piccolo website for the complete list of retailers.

Find out more on MyLittlePiccolo.com


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