We’ve teamed up with the amazing Hutton Grove to create a list of the best picture books for kids this summer! Hutton Grove are publication company that create high quality picture books featuring imaginative stories and beautiful illustrations. These stories will help your kids develop their essential learning skills, as well as create an enjoyable and fun experience of reading which is vital from a young age.

The Adventures by Rachel Elliot, illustrated by Valaria Docampo

The Adventurers

Ingenious Jean by Susan Chandler, illustrated by Kate Leake

Ingenious Jean

The Tickle Tree by Chae Strathie, illustrated by Poly Bernatene

Tickle Tree

Rocky and the Lamb by Greg Gormley, illustrated by Lynne Chapman

Rocky and the Lamb

Munch Written and illustrated by Emma McCann


Tortoise vs Hare – The Rematch by Preston Rutt, illustrated by Ben Redlich

Tortoise Vs Hare

Pugwug and Little by Susie Jenkin-Pearce, illustrated by Tina Macnaughton

Pugwug and Little

The Mysterious Case of the Missing Honey by Claire Freedman, illustrated by Holly Swain

Case of the Missing Honey

Elephant in a Rowboat by Angela McAllister, Illustrated by Holly Swain

Elephant in a Rowboat