BB has always shown a love for using sprayers and has amazing accuracy. He has managed to get me right in the eye many a time while I’ve been doing the washing up. This ping pong ball  target practice was one for us to do outside, but has ended up as a bath time game.

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To make your own ping pong ball target practice game you will need:

  • Ping pongs
  • Golf Tees
  • Styrofoam
  • Water gun or spray bottle

Add the golf tees to the styrofoam and place the ping pongs on top of the golf tees.

Ping pong ball target practice

We started using a water gun but found that the one we had wasn’t strong enough to push the ping pong balls off. His spray bottles, on the other hand, worked a charm.

Ping pong ball target practice

If you are doing this outside, then try placing the styrofoam block inside box so that it contains the balls when they come off. It just means you wont have to go running around trying to find them.

BB really likes this game. I really like this game, it helps keep the peace at bath time. Instead of shooting other people, BB now shoots the ping pong balls. That’s a win in my books.

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Ping pong ball target practice - fun bath time game or outside activity