Danish Heart Baskets

Start with two long, flat ovals like the ones below. If you are making your hearts out of felt, you can fit four of these shapes on one piece of craft-store felt.  Fold the oval shape in half, and cut three parallel lines from the fold, up towards the rounded edge; stopping about an inch from the curve. Cut the remaining oval pieces in this same way. ?With one folded felt oval in each hand (folds facing each other) take the top arm of the felt in your right hand and weave it over and under the felt fingers of your left-hand felt, so that you see the color change in every other arm of the left-hand felt. ???Weave the next arm of the right-hand felt in between the left-hand felt fingers so that the opposite colors are showing (it should start to look like a checkerboard.) Continue until your heart shape is complete!

Screen shot 2015-02-11 at 11.33.56

Heart Tote Bag

Making these bags are easy. To make one all you will need is one canvas tote bag, fabric paint ( I used the kind with glitter for extra oomph), a thick heart template – I cut a heart out of a cereal box, and a pencil with a new eraser. If you don’t have a pencil (GASP – the horror) you can use a Q-tip.  To start simply lay the heart in the middle of the tote bag. I actually secured it to the bag using two loops of washi tape on the backside of the heart but this is totally optional. I knew my kids would be at the table “helping” me so I did it to keep the heart from getting moved by precious little hands when I wasn’t looking.

Dip the eraser into to the paint and start on the edge of the heart, pressing the pencil eraser straight down on the tote bag. Continue making several prints with the eraser, going further away from the heart and pressing harder until you are out of paint. Repeat this step and go all the way around the heart.

To make it look the best I found that you need the thick paint dots closer to the heart and make it fade away.  If too much paint build up forms on the edges of the eraser, simply  wipe it off before continuing.

When you are done remove the heart template and you should have a heart shape with a straight edge.



Heart Paper Chain

This is easy to do.  Simply cut strips of coloured paper on the paper cutter that are 1 inch wide, and as long as the paper. Construction paper works fine, but cardstock paper holds the heart shape better, and is much more durable. Fold a strip in half.  Bend the open ends in ‘til you have a rounded top heart, and staple them together. As you can see, I made my strips white, red and pink and will have an ABC-ABC pattern going. Fold as many strips as you need, but don’t staple them until you have looped them through each other to make the chain.


Heart Bird Feeder

Just string some cheerios onto a piece of wire or pipe cleaner and bend into a heart shape.


Laced Valentine Card

To create the threading template puncture holes in various shapes or patterns. For thread use yarn or ribbon. And for a needle wrap a small piece of tape around the end of the yarn.

sewing heart

Paper Plate Valentines Cow 

Start by cutting out the cow’s nose, ears, and spots. Glue the spots on the paper plate first. Glue the pieces onto the plate and draw a smile.