I actually made these pinwheel poppies 2 years ago with YC, but never actually got around to writing them up. 2 years on and we are making them again for Remembrance Day.

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To make these pinwheel poppies you will need:

  • Red paper
  • Green pen (optional)
  • Black pen
  • Split pins
  • Hole punch
  • Paper straw

pinwheel poppies

Your paper needs to be a square shape for this. Origami paper works really well. If you don’t have origami paper then fold a piece of A4 paper into a square and cut away the excess.

pinwheel poppies

Once you have you square fold it diagonally corner to corner and unfold it. Repeat again folding it with the other corners. When you open it, the folds should create a cross across the paper.

pinwheel poppies

Cut ¾ ways down each of the folds.

pinwheel poppies

Next using the hole punch make a hole in each of the corners, the middle of the paper, and in the top of the straw. Take the split pin and thread it through each hole, finishing with the centre one. When they are all in push the split pin through the hole in the straw and open up the pin to secure it. If the pinwheel poppy doesn’t spin easily then loosen the pin at the back.

To finish the poppy you can colour the centre of the poppy black and open parts of the paper green if you wish.

pinwheel poppies

YC loves making these, and although BB was too little to help make them he certainly loved blowing them round and round. Not only are these are nice craft to make, but also they provided a talking point of why we use poppies on Remembrance Day and why celebrate it in the first place.

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Pinwheel Poppy craft for Remembrance Day