The whole idea of this pipe cleaner and colander activity is to help develop fine motor skills.

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To make this pipe cleaner and colander activity you will need:

  • A colander
  • Pipe Cleaners

It took BB a few goes to start to understand that he had more control of the pipe cleaner if he held it closer to the bottom.

pipe cleaner and colander activity

He liked to pick out the ones I had already put in and then tried to stuff them back all the way in so that they came out the other side.

This was a great activity to help keep BB occupied while I finished up in the kitchen. When I was done, BB decided that he wanted to add the pipe cleaners and colander to a basket and walked around the house with them. Every now and then he would take a pipe cleaner out and then try and put it back in.

I gave it back to him again just before dinner, as we had about 10 minutes to kill before it was ready. By the end of it he was scrunching them up into shapes and pretending they were horses.

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pipe cleaner and colander activity for toddlers to help develop their fine motor skills.

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