A couple of weeks ago I posted a finger gym activity for BB, it is still one of his favourite activities to do. He will often ask for it from the shelf. This new pipette activity is along the same lines as the finger gym, and is sure to become a new favourite, especially as he has the potential to make a huge mess.

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To do this pipette activity you will need:

*I used our travel bath mats, if you don’t have something similar then you could use Duplo instead.

Set up a bowl of water, I coloured our water, with a couple of the bath mats or Duplo, with a pipette.

pipette activity for toddlers

I showed BB the basic idea of the activity, and then let him play. He tried really hard to get the water onto the suckers, not always successfully, but that doesn’t really matter.

The activity held his attention for about 20 minutes before he started covering the table in water. Again, not a problem. This sort of activity is a wonderful way for him to explore. I did also show him how to clean up the water spilled on the table using the pipette, which he then tried to do.

Eventually a Wiggles song came on over Alexa that he had to get up and dance too.

I’m hoping if I leave the items out (minus the water) out on the side, he will ask to do the activity again.

For slightly older children you could get them to put marbles onto the suckers of the bath mat. Please make sure you only do this extension if your little one is no longer putting things in their mouth.

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