One of my favourite sports I played as a child was hockey, one of the warm up games that we used to do was this game, although we played it with actually hockey sticks. It was only when I was at summer camp that we used pool noodles instead. Playing this game with noodles rather than hockey sticks means that you can play it with younger children and it is also a lot more fun.

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You will need:

  • 2 pool noodles
  • A ball

How to play noodle hockey

This game is best played with a large group of people, the more people the better. However when we played it over the summer there were six of us.

  1. Divide everyone into two teams and give everyone a number. Each team should be numbered the same so that there are two of each numbers.
  2. Make up two goals, place the ball and noodles in the middle.
  3. When you call out a number i.e. three, the players from each team with that number should run out, grab a noodle and using it as a hockey stick try to score a goal.
  4. When one of them has scored a goal they go back to their teams and another number is called.
  5. First team to get a certain number of goals wins.

The only rule we had in this game was “no hitting in the face”, which is really easy to do when you are trying to swing a noodle.


We played this game with EC and YC’s cousins. Everyone seemed to really enjoy it, but two of the boys got really competitive about it.

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Noodle Hockey - a fast paced game of hockey using pool noodles. Great for playing with large group of children.