My PLENISH trial day arrived at a particularly good time, after much chocolate eating! A beautiful big box with PLENISH written along with side indicated to me that my juices had arrived.

When I opened the lid I found the most bizarre form of insulation, made from a super-sustainable wool, and underneath were 6 awesome looking chunky bottles and an extremely easy instruction guide with free straws. I was instructed to drink hot water and lemon to wake up my system in the morning, give myself a dry brush and have a good stretch. Then, onto the juices!

Six juices in their numbered order as often as needed. There was no schedule per se, but i was told to wait at least an hour between juices, and have the last at least two hours before sleep. I was to drink as much water and herbal teas that I liked throughout the day, and I felt well connected with their twitter support.

PLENISH juice is not for the faint hearted, this is for serious juicers who want to make a difference to their health, although some of them were harder at times, taste wise than others, my absolutely favourite had to be the Pineapple² and the Cashew M*lk.

Luckily i didn’t need this, only doing one day, but somethign that really made me smile was the ‘open in case of meldown’ card that came nestled away with the straws. But I shan’t divulge that secret! Let’s hope you don’t need it!