Parental Control is a monthly parenting and lifestyle podcast created by My Baba and hosted by the website’s founder Leonora Bamford. The first episode came about when Leonora became increasingly frustrated at how challenging it is to keep her children safe online and wanted to find out what teenagers really think about being online and staying safe. Parental Control is about feeling in control as a parent or prospective parent and feeling confident tackling problems head-on. Each month, we’ll discuss current and on-going issues that affect mums and dads throughout parenthood and tease out the solutions with the help of some brilliant guest and expert speakers.

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Episode 3: Why Do Our Children Have So Many Allergies? Are We Too Clean?

Why do people get allergies? What does an allergic reaction look like? Are vegan and gluten-free diets contributing to intolerances? And how can we help our children develop healthy immune systems? My Baba founder Leonora invited Dr Tom York, full-time GP and first-time dad, on the show to talk about allergies, why allergy rates are increasing in children, how to spot an allergic reaction and whether our overly clean lifestyles are damaging to our health.


Episode 2: Why Is Sugar So Addictive? & How Can We Teach Our Children To Make Healthy Food Choices?

Why is sugar so addictive? Why are schools still feeding our children so many sugary treats? And how has eating sugar in our own childhoods affected our health and current relationship with the sweet stuff? Leonora invited Lizzie King, a nutritional health coach and founder of Lizzie Loves Healthy, onto the show to talk about sugar and the potential damage it’s doing to our children’s health.


Episode 1: Internet Safety — What Teens Really Think About Staying Safe Online

Leonora interviews four teenage girls about their lives online. From the right age to give your child a smartphone to getting around safety barriers to what teens are doing to protect themselves on the internet, here’s what all parents should know about online safety.


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