Last year I did a pom pom blowing activity for BB. It was a good activity to help with oral development, which is important for speech. As we’ve got lots of time on our hands while the older ones are home schooling I made him a pom pom maze. The concept is exactly the same as the pom pom blowing, he still has to blow the pom poms, but this time he has to try and do it around a maze.

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To make a pom pom maze you will need:

  • Pom poms
  • Masking tape
  • Straw

Paper straws are not ideal for this; they get too soggy too quickly. Metal straws or ones out of reusable bottles are perfect as they last, and they can’t bite down on them as much.

Start by taping out your maze. We did ours on the floor as it meant more space, but you could do it on a table.

pom pom mazes

Then get your little one to blow the pom pom from the start to the finish.   If you have more than one child wanting to do this, you could either make two courses or time them to see who is faster.

The only thing BB found hard was having the straw at the right angle to effectively blow the pom pom.

pom pom mazes

Once he had had enough of doing that he used the maze to walk along and as train tracks. EC also came to have a go the next day as I left the tape out.

If you enjoyed this pom pom maze be sure to check out the original pom pom blowing activity and straw shooters, yes I know they are Christmas themed, but you can easily change that.

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Pom pom blowing mazes