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Make your own Pom Pom Poppies for Remembrance Day

For a while I have been trying to wrack my brains for the perfect craft for Remberence Day. I didn’t want a piece of artwork that would just get hung up and forgotten about. As EC and YC are that much older I wanted us to do something that would be more thought provoking. Eventually I thought that it would be nice to make our own poppies to wear, as they don’t have any on their school coats. The perfect idea came at the beginning of this week when I got the idea to make pom pom poppies.

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You will need:

  • Red wool
  • Black wool*
  • Scissors

* I have managed to misplace my black wool so had to use brown instead.

If you have a pom pom maker that is a bonus, but you honestly don’t need one. We just used my fingers to wind the wool around.

pom pom poppies

Start by winding some black wool around your middle and index finger. Don’t do it too tight or it will cut off the circulation to your fingertips.  EC and YC wound it round my fingers about 10 times.

When you have desired amount, cut it.

pom pom poppies

Then start winding the red (in the same direction). Make sure you completely cover all the black wool. Depending on how full you want the pom pom poppies to be will depend on how many times you wind the wool round.

pom pom poppies

When you have finished, cut a length of wool and slip it through your fingers and round the middle of the pom pom. Pull it tight and tie a knot in it. Before you completely pull the knot tight slip the pom pom off your fingers, then finish tying it off. I always do a double knot, wrap it round the middle one more time and do an extra knot. Just to be sure. I kept this piece of wool slightly longer so that I could use it to attach the pom pom poppies to the buttons on their coat.

Use the scissors to cut all the loops.

To get a nice picture perfect pom pom you have to trim down the excess wool. However, we kind of liked ours the way they turned out without trimming them down.

We fastened them to their coats this morning just before they went off to school. I was EVEN more impressed when they come out of school with them still attached. That is a win in my books.

If you liked these pom pom poppies then be sure to check out this cotton wool printed poppy craft we made a few years ago.

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Make your own mini pom pom poppies that are easy to attach to your coat for Remembrance Day. Kids craft.

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