I’ve always liked to keep a diary when travelling, so that I can look back on the adventures I’ve had. I try to make sure that while on holiday my charges keep a diary as well. Not a long one, just a couple of sentences per day. While on holiday in Japan we made postcard diaries.  We collected postcards of all the places that we had been to on the trip. On the back of these postcards they would write a sentence or two about what they had done there.

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Once back at home we hole punched the cards and added a ribbon to turn them into a book. Not only is this a great way for them to keep a diary, but it also makes a lovely momento.

My postcards form New Zealand.

After making one while in Japan, when I went to New Zealand I did exactly the same thing. You could always mail them home, that way you still have their arrival to look forward to once the holiday is over.

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Use postcards to make a travel diary. Post them home to yourself to make the holiday last longer.