One of BB’s favourite things to do is posting and dropping objects. He has a Leap Frog Elephant that you have to put rings onto his trunk that he adores. Plus those jigsaws where you have to post the correct shapes through are one of his favourite activities. It was only a matter of time then for me to create a posting activity for toddlers and babies.

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You will need:

  • Finished formula tin*
  • Milk bottle tops **
  • Washi tape

* If you don’t use formula then you can use any container that you can easily cut into and empty the lids out off.

** They don’t have to be milk bottle tops, but they are a good size. You don’t want anything that would be too small.

When you have finished a tin of formula clean it out and make sure to dry it thoroughly.

This next step is optional. You don’t have to decorate it, but I quite like doing things like that. I feel it makes it more inviting to play with. It you are going to decorate the tin you could use washi tape around it. If not you could just cut paper to fit.

In the lid cut a slot that is wider and longer than the biggest lid that you will be using. You don’t want to make it too small or it will be too tricky for them to post the lids through.

When you have your collection of lids make sure to give them a good clean as well.

posting activity for toddlers

It makes a wonderful toy to take on a plane!

Just as I thought BB loves his new posting activity for toddlers. He still finds it a bit difficult to get the lid in the slot, but he has the right idea. It also makes a wonderful rattle for him to shake when it has the lids in it. Two of his favourite past times rolled into one; shaking and posting things.

posting activity for toddlers

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posting activity for toddlers: A great way to develop fine motor skills and hand eye coordination in babies and toddlers.