Power to the Woman: Top 10 Tips from Inspiring Women

Deepali Nangia, a mother of two, now 11 and 8 is standing for Advance, a new political party in Kensington & Chelsea (K&C).  The party has many inspirational women running out of different wards in K&C.  Many of them wear many hats – Deepali being a business advisor and mentor, Claire is a mediator, Nadia is a mentor and educator, Annabel is a magistrate and PhD student, Valerie is a psychoanalyst and Sonia is Head of Development & a candidate for Advance.  We reached out to some of them for some inspiration this Women’s Day.

Advance would love to hear from all mums who are residents of K&C about any feedback you might have on your neighbourhoods/any changes that you think would make your neighbourhood safer, cleaner and a better place to live in.  Please email Deepali on dn@advancetogether.uk.

Claire van Helfteren: Parenthood is probably the hardest, most important job one can do. Motherhood brings pain and delight in abundance, one requires no qualifications and yet enormous skill to get it right or at least be good enough.

Nadia Boujettef: Many years from now it won’t matter What I look like or said and never done, what will matter is how Cherished I was by my children.

Annabel Mullin: Living by the phrase Carpe Diem (Seize the Day) leads to adventures, to love and to the delight and worry of children, and they are the most incredible adventure. I always want to do and be more for them but also for me.

Valerie John-Baptiste: When some women become mothers, they become mothers to all. A mother who stares in loving wonderment at her newborn when nobody is around and makes a solemn promise to love, nurture and fight for a better life, makes that promise not just to her child, but to the world at large. I speak from experience.

Deepali Nangia: A mother is a maid, a driver, a cook, a teacher, a mediator, a leader, a project manager, a doctor and a CEO.  What did you need me to be today?

Sonia Mihelic: I share with my children the stories of my triumphs and even more of my fumbles and miscalculations; we relish in both. Being a strong woman doesn’t mean being always right or good at everything – it means knowing who you are, doing your best and being the best role model for the next generation of men and women.

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