Practical Tips on How to Baby Proof Your House to Safeguard Your Baby

Baby proofing the home is vital, especially once little ones start to crawl. It’s completely inevitable that your baby will fall over and bump their head at some point – it happens to them all. You can however, do much to prevent accidents in the home from happening by baby proofing. Take a few minutes to sit down on the floor and view the house from your baby’s perspective: suddenly you’ll see a whole world of danger! But don’t worry – we’ve got some handy pointers and products to help you ensure your home is as accident free as possible.

Protect little fingers

Think furniture hinges and plug sockets. Remove pretty much anything that isn’t a baby toy out of harm’s way.

Anchor furniture

A must. If you’ve got cabinets or drawers that need anchoring, do it. Babies love to pull up on anything and everything.

Avoid trip hazards

You can buy soft corners to stick to sharp furniture edges. Get some baby gates to cordon off the stairs. Keep your staircase free from clutter – you’ll still be carrying baby up and down the stairs most of the time, and it’s often difficult to see exactly where you’re going.

Blind cords and wires

If you have blinds, ensure you’ve installed some safety clips to tie up any dangling string. Hide electrical leads where possible, think about boxing off television leads with trunking.

Products to invest in

Get ahead of the game and check out our round-up of sensible products to help protect your babas against accidents in the home:

Inflatable sprout protector, Uber Kids


Slam Stopper, Amazon

Safety 1st Window Blind Cord Wind Ups, Amazon

Safety 1st Railnet, Amazon

Soft corner guards, Little Angels Prams

Koo-di Bath Tap Protector from Direct 2 Mum


Cupboard lock, Uber Kids

Socket covers, Uber Kids

Handle flex lock, Amazon

Safety 1st Flat Step Gate, Precious Little One

Clear View Safety Gate, Fred Safety

Swivel Bath Seat, Precious Little One

Clevamama Fireplace Edge Guard from Kiddicare

Prince Lionheart Cooker Guard, Uber Kids

Multi-functional padded playmat, Foldaway Bumpermat

Dreambaby Royale Converta 3-in-1 Baby Play-Pen Gate, Amazon

Clippasafe Toilet Lock, Amazon

Clippasafe Anti-Tip Furniture Straps, Amazon

Clevamama Oven Door Lock, Amazon

Multifit Fire Guard, Babasafe

Fred Home Safety Check Tools, Cheeky Rascals

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