Set up:

Find a doorway and position your forearms on the doorframe with your elbows level with your shoulders.



The movement:

Lean into the open doorway until you feel a nice stretch across your chest and front of your shoulders. Hold until you feel the stretching sensation begin to ease ( approx 20-30 seconds).

Alternatively, you can perform the same movement as an active mobilisation exercise. Perform the technique in the same way but instead of holding the stretch, pause for 2 seconds and then actively draw yourself back to the start position by pushing your forearms into the door frame.

Both techniques provide a good mobility / flexibility benefit – I’d suggest combining both for maximum effect!

Key points:

Aim to keep a little activation of your glutes throughout the movement to avoid over extending your lumbar spine as you lean forward.

You can vary the position of your elbows to stretch all of the different fibres of your pectoral ( chest ) muscles. Try elevating your elbows above shoulder height for a few repetitions.


What it’s good for:

Stretching and releasing the often overactive muscles of the chest and front of the shoulder.

Try performing this stretching exercise twice daily (minimum) for just 2-3 mins. Your body will thank you for it!

If you don’t have door way that fits, you can do this exercise effectively in the corner of a room.


Trainer: Luke Meessmann
Opus Fitness

NB: Please contact your GP or health practitioner before starting any new fitness regime.