The sun is starting to shine, flowers are starting to blossom and the chill of winter is becoming a distant memory. Spring has officially started, and that can only mean one thing – it’s time for an Easter party! And because we like making life easy for you, here is the ultimate guide by party experts My Little Day for preparing to host a party that your guests will never forget!

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Before even thinking about anything else, it’s important to try and invite your guests as early as possible. Although it’s not always an easy task, it’s far easier to plan a party when you know how many people you are expecting.  Although we can’t help you narrow down that guest list or pick the perfect day, we’ve got your invitations sorted with our Easter themed collection!

In terms of the decoration, pastel colours are perfect for any springtime event. Nothing says Easter quite like pale violets and baby pinks mixed with sunny yellows. Hang beautiful paper decorations such as honeycomb balls and rosettes from the walls or furniture to make sure that your party is the most elegant of them all, and then add some patterned balloons for an immediate burst of colour!

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Once you’ve finished planning the decorations for the house, it’s time to move on to thinking about how you’re going to decorate your table. Everyone loves a matching table set, so pick a theme and then treat yourself to colour coordinated cups, plates and napkins. When it comes to a party, paper tableware is an essential – not only does it save on the washing up, but will bring you peace of mind on the big day as there can’t be any breakages! And for a bit of extra flair? Mini crackers are the perfect finishing touch for your Easter table.

As for keeping the children happy? We’ve got you covered! Little children love to dress up, so make sure you’ve got something for them to wear. If you’re hosting a big party, keep it simple with rabbit masks that can be handed out to all your little guests. If it’s just a family affair, feel free to get a bit more creative with your outfits!image020

Be prepared to entertain the kids with a creative activity, such as a Funny Bunny egg decorating kit, as it will give you some time to set up for the main event – the Easter egg hunt. This is the most important part of any Easter party, so stock up on chocolate or little presents and prepare to get creative! Use an Easter egg hunt kit to help your children find their prizes (and maybe even to help you remember where you hid them after a long day of hosting) to make the challenge even more special.


After all your preparation efforts make sure to take some time to sit back and enjoy yourself. Above all, an Easter party is the perfect excuse to get together with friends and family, so relax! They say that preparation is the key to success, and if you follow this guide that’s exactly what your Easter party will be – so bring it on!  All the featured products can be found at My Little Day.