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COVID 19: How This Top London Nursery Is Weathering The Storm

It has undoubtedly been a difficult and unpredictable time for many nursery schools around the country. The constant fluctuations and disruptions to the daily routines of teachers, families and pupils can be tricky to keep up with. We got in touch with Bluebell Cottage School, part of the London Nursery Schools group in London to find out how their early years settings are coping.

“We’re doing our absolute best to make sure children are still able to receive a well-rounded education whilst maintaining a safe and comforting space for children to continue their positive development,” says Sara Brennan, head of London Nursery Schools.

Action for early years settings

Changes are being made up and down the country to ensure early years settings are a safe haven for children. Bluebell Cottage School has been busy implementing measures to help keep everyone safe whilst meeting the evolving needs of children and their families amidst the chaos of coronavirus.

Safety, health and wellbeing

Bluebell Cottage School is putting the safety of children at the forefront of everything they do. Their implementation of a strict COVID-19 policy has been carefully put in place to maintain a balance of fun and play-based learning that will impact the children as little as possible.

Teachers are not being asked to wear face masks during the school day. Children are so responsive to facial expressions and interaction through speech and sight, and inhibiting this natural contact would have an adverse effect on their learning.

The preschool is putting positive health and wellbeing at the top of their agenda. This initiative is not just for the children of the school, but also for their entire families.

“It is no surprise that the events of this year have been difficult for everyone’s mental health. The school is busy considering the implications on every member of the family,” says Sara. “Bluebell Cottage School believes this is a community issue, and an obstacle to overcome together.”

The preschool curriculum

The cognitive skills your child will be learning at this stage of their life are crucially important. Children at this age are busy developing socially, physically, emotionally and intellectually. The education they receive will form the basis for a lifetime of knowledge and learning.

Bluebell Cottage School believes a preschool curriculum should place a strong focus and equal weight on all aspects of positive development to give a well-rounded experience. The varied curriculum follows the seven learning and development areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).

Academics and Languages

Bluebell Cottage School offers an enhanced languages curriculum that includes Spanish, Italian and Mandarin. “Children at pre-school age have the capacity to develop an extensive vocabulary in additional languages. We encourage all children to express themselves and integrate into different cultures,’ says Sara.

Physical Education

P.E is a wonderful way to get children excited for exercise. It plays an important role in building good habits for a healthy lifestyle.

Bluebell Cottage School engage their children in stimulating P.E lessons designed to progress key areas in a child’s development. These include fine and gross motor skills, balance, social interaction, confidence and self-esteem building. “One of the children’s favourite activities is practicing yoga which we hope will inspire a hobby enjoyed by the whole family at home,” smiles Sara.


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Bluebell Cottage School believe that all children should be encouraged to develop their understanding and use of different musical instruments. Their teachers use song, dance and different instruments in all aspects of school life.

Children are set tasks to create songs reflective of the seasons, cultural celebrations, days of the week and specific topics of work. And, of course, the children are encouraged to make their own unique music!


Art and design is integrated into every aspect of school life with daily opportunities for children to create and design. “With the support of their teachers, children can experiment using paints and a selection of other materials. We’re always looking to stimulate the creative nature of children and allow them to express themselves through art and design.” Sara Brennan.

Healthy eating

Although healthy eating is not a ‘subject’, Bluebell Cottage School feels it’s just as important as any lesson learned here. All food is made from fresh ingredients in the school kitchen and children are encouraged to try an array of different foods, especially fruits and vegetables. The teachers help even the fussiest of eaters to enjoy a selection of lunches and snacks with our ‘Superfood for Super Heroes’ programme.

Opening of a new school in Chelsea

LNS is delighted to announce the opening of their new school in Chelsea on Ives Street! The builders have been hard at work and we will be opening up our admissions for our January 2021 term in the next few weeks! Please contact the office via email on or phone 0207 937 7435 to discuss admissions.

Bluebell Cottage School’s updated school days and timings:

As working from home becomes more the ‘new normal’, the school is working alongside parents to navigate through this period of uncertainty. Nursery school timings have been updated to allow parents the freedom and flexibility to choose which plan works best for their family.

Morning School – 8:30am – 12:30pm

  • 5 mornings per week – Monday – Friday
  • 3 mornings per week – Monday, Wednesday and Friday
  • 2 morning per week – Tuesday and Thursday

Afternoon School – 2:00pm – 4:30pm

  • 4 afternoons per week – Monday – Thursday
  • 2 afternoons per week – Wednesday and Thursday OR Monday and Tuesday

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