We were thrilled to interview the beautiful Charlotte Jackson, popular TV presenter, best known for work on Sky Sports News, Champions League coverage, the Euro Pro Tour Golf and appearing on the panel of the hugely popular comedy sports games show “A League of Their Own”. Charlotte recently reached the semi-finals on ITV’s hit Saturday night show “Splash!”. Charlotte is incredibly sporty, having played lacrosse and tennis for her county. She’s now a keen golfer, and loves to travel, experiencing different foods and cultures. Charlotte lives in Winchester with her fiancè Chris Coleman, and their baby son, Finley. 

You gave birth to your son last December, and you’re looking incredible. What are your top tips for new mums wanting to sensibly get back into shape?

I have always exercised, and because of this I continued to exercise sensibly during my pregnancy… There are certain exercises such as sits up that I obviously avoided, and I listened to my body, making sure that I never over did it, and keeping my exercise quite gentle. I also did pregnancy Pilates which I really enjoyed and was great for the last few months of pregnancy.

After I gave birth, I didn’t exercise for over two months, as I had to recover from the birth, but I breastfed for the first four months, and that definitely helped get me back in shape. Once I stopped breastfeeding, I made sure that I ate a healthy diet, started running and getting back in the gym… I think the fact that I am getting married on Saturday has really motivated me! I also take the Pregnacare new mum supplements, which have helped me feel less tired!

You’re currently a presenter on Sky Sports News. Describe a typical day-in-the-life on set.

I would get to the studios normally four hours before we actually go on air and we would have a meeting with the production team to go through what’s in the diary for the day . I would then prep for whatever is happening in the time that I am on air, such as live games, guests or press conferences and also possible breaking news, so that I am on top of all the stories of the day that have happened or could potentially break while I’m on air. I would always find time for some food and drink for some energy for the shift ahead and then go into hair and make up about an hour before my show starts. We would then get miked up, check the scripts and take our seats ready to go!

What’s been the highlight of your career so far?

There are quite a few to pick from… Hosting 71 Degrees North , a show I filmed in the Arctic, and co-presented with Paddy McGuinness for a month was a big highlight, as it was somewhere I had never been before and it was an amazing experience. The crew and celebrities taking part were all such good fun that it didn’t feel like work at all, more like a long holiday! I didn’t stop laughing for most of the month.

Another great experience was hosting the FIFA World Player of the Year, which was broadcast live around the world. It was such an honour to have been chosen to host the event – it was the first time Lionel Messi won it.

I also hosted a children’s concert for Barnardos in the Royal Albert Hall. I got goose bumps when the spotlight came on me to introduce it in a pitch black auditorium. Knowing too that my family were watching from the Royal Box, which the Queen had offered to them via a letter from the Palace!

My final highlight (so far!), was being part of the Keith Lemon film, which was incredibly enjoyable. I’d love to get involved more in the acting side of things!

What one piece of advice would you’d give to mothers expecting their first child?

I got told by so many people to sleep when they sleep, which is good advice, but I found it easier said then done, as when Finley was asleep I ended up having to catch up with the house work and washing! But I would say trust your instinct, as a mother I think you naturally know more about your baby than you realise .

Share with us your favourite family recipe.

This is a very simple chicken risotto recipe and it’s also easy for children of all ages to eat – no cutting up as it’s already done!

Ingredients (serves 4)

  • 1 onion, diced
  • garlic (2x cloves), crushed
  • 250g chicken breast, chopped
  • 225g arborio rice
  • 100g peas
  • 750ml stock
  • 1 tsp parsley, chopped


1. Fry the onion and garlic in olive oil
2. Add the chicken breasts and fry for a couple of minutes more
3. Put in the rice and fry until all coated in oil but not browned
4. Add about 500ml/1 pint of stock and cook until almost all absorbed
5. Gradually add another 250ml/half pint of stock until risotto is creamy, then pop in a cup full of frozen peas
6. Stir well then serve with chopped parsley

Was it always your dream to be in television?

No, it wasn’t until my early twnenties that I realised that’s what I wanted to do. I had always wanted to be a doctor, but quickly realised that I had chosen the wrong path for me personally. So I did a journalism course, and at the same time as I was doing that , I was a fitting model for Miss Selfridge, and the lady there suggested that I should go for a screen test for this new magazine style show, but not for the main presenting role. I did the screen test , and really enjoyed it, and they offered me the role as main presenter. The show was live and unscripted for two hours, and was a fantastic learning curve for me, and I realised that presenting was what I really wanted to do.

Where are your favourite family friendly places to go in London?

The Natural History Museum is good for all the family, with lots of fun and educational activities. Also if it’s a lovely sunny day, the South Bank. there’s always lots to look at including the street performers and lots of family friendly restaurants .

What’s the one baby product you couldn’t have lived without?

When I was breastfeeding Lansinoh which is a pre lanolin nipple cream. You can use it before (no need to remove it) and after breastfeeding and I never got cracked nipples… It also is a fantastic lip balm and hand cream.

Right now Ella’s kitchen pouches, as I have just started the weaning process and these are great when you haven’t got much time, and for when you’re out and about! The other item I would say just in general are wet wipes!! I think every mum knows how often they are used with a little one!

How would you sum yourself up in one sentence?

Talkative, non-stop ball of energy who loves being at home and spending time with friends and family!