What is process art? Process art is a movement in the art community that recognises that it is the process of making art that is important and not the finished product. This is especially important for children. It really helps develop their creativity. I’m not saying that crafts that have the children make a certain thing are bad (I obviously do a lot of those types of crafts), but it is so nice just to give them the materials and let them get creative with it like with this process art foil painting.

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You will need:

  • Tin foil
  • Paint
  • Ear buds *

* you could use just paintbrushes but we were trying something else.

There are no real instructions for this. Just paint and have fun.  I did fold the sides of tin foil over so that it gave it a clean finish.

YC and I spent a wonderful hour painting, we put on some music and just had such a laugh it.

The first picture is a flag and the second one is of a cloud over a rainbow with birds flying by.

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Process Art foil painting activity to help develop creativity in children.