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MindShots are pocket-sized packs of fun kids’ activities, puzzles and global ideas to stimulate young minds.  They’re perfect to pop in a bag and have on hand wherever you are – from school run to staycation, cafe to car journey, hospital to holidays.  They are devised for children aged 6-9 (though children of any age can enjoy them, too).  MindShots are created sustainably using recycled and / or recyclable materials.

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Leo says “I first saw these on the amazing Sarah Tomczak’s Instagram and I was immediately sold.  After months of home schooling, anything to get children away from screens has got my vote.  These brilliant little packs are the perfect thing to slip into your handbag, whether you’re going out for a picnic or if you’re off on a staycation.  They’re aimed at children between 6 and 9.  What’s not to love?”

  • The new Nature + Nurture series comprises of seven pocket-sized MindShots.
  • Each Shot contains an assortment of fun, double-sided Nature-themed activities, all threaded through with global bright ideas.
  • This series is designed to help kids understand and support our natural world, and to recognise that their opinions and ideas really matter!
  • Makes a break from screen time, so instead of handing them the phone, hand them a MindShot.
  • Contains both easier and more challenging activities in each Shot, so siblings can share.
  • Promotes calmness and child self-esteem.
  • Encourages kids to take part in our world and enjoy great ideas.
  • Each purchase helps children support the charity Born Free in its work to Keep Wildlife in the Wild.
  • Each individual MindShot measures 129mm x 101mm.


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