The UK has long been known as a nation of pet lovers, and in my opinion, a family isn’t quite complete without at least one furry friend running about the place. I was amused (but not at all surprised) to find out that 3 in 10 of us talk to our pets about our life problems, half of us thinking our pets talk back (well, durrr, of course they do!), and a quarter of pet owners would rather cuddle their pet than their partner at the end of a long day. Go figure! The last ‘LOL’ statistic is that 40%, yes FORTY PERCENT of us believe our pets are more intelligent than our friends. My lips are sealed on that one – no comment!

It’s more than fair to say that while we’re totally in love with our pets, there are a few owners – identifiably of dogs, that have had their share of embarrassment at the paws of their pooch. Top 5 most embarrassing moments in front of guests include being noisy (33%), eating someone’s food (27%), making a mess when guests are over (21%), getting amorous with someone’s leg (16%), and getting fleas or ticks, (15%).

While there are no quick fixes for behavioural problems, (those amorous leg incidents have got to be mortifying), there is a very quick and effective solution for those pesky fleas or ticks.

If you’ve got babies of the human sort, or have little children running around the house it’s super-important to be mindful of those horrible little critters than can all too often frequent the fur of our cherished family pets, and revoltingly enough, in the nooks and crannies of our homes.

This is where FRONTLINE® ‘s new ‘double action’ FRONTLINE Plus comes in. Not only does it kill fleas and ticks taking up residence on your pet, but it contains an active IGR technology that prevents pesky flea eggs from hatching and loathsome larvae developing in the home. As 95% of flea problems can be found in the home, this technology is a welcome and invaluable product.

FRONTLINE Plus should be applied to your cats and dogs every 4 weeks to protect your pets and your home from fleas and ticks.

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