I have seen pulled sting art floating around on the internet for a while now. It’s pretty simple to do and creates some unique pictures. I did wonder if BB would be able to take part in it, but he did just fine with it all.

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To do your own pulled string art you will need:

  • String
  • Ink/ liquid watercolours
  • Paper
  • Scissors

Start by cutting lots of pieces of sting. You don’t want them to be too short, but they also don’t need to be overly long.

Fold your pieces of paper into half. You might want to do fold all your paper first, that way you want get it inky once you start.

Dip your string into your ink. You don’t need to cover it all.

pulled string art

On one half of you paper place your string, leave a “tail” hanging off the paper. Then re fold it. With one hand holding the paper in place, pull the string out.

pulled string art

When you open up the paper you’ll find a beautiful pattern.

We found that it is best to get rid of some of the excess ink on a trail piece of paper before doing it on your actual picture.

You literally can’t go wrong with this. YC had great fun experimenting with different amounts of ink and lengths of string. BB joined use for about 15/20 minutes before heading off to play nurf guns with EC.  We are actually using our creations as thank you cards for YC’s birthday.

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Pulled string art - a great process art activity for children.