We were thrilled to interview one of the coolest mamas on the block this week, the beautiful Anna Whitehouse of the brilliant Mother Pukka. London based Anna is mother to two-year-old daughter Mae. Anna set up website Mother Pukka to promote sisterhood and the sharing of real life experiences when it comes to motherhood and parenting. Anna’s honest, down-to-earth personality is what appeals to her growing fleet of loyal followers – oh, and not to mention that she’s pretty darn funny too. We set out to find out just how she does it, and what the wonderful world of Mother Pukka is up to this week… 

You recently quit your high-flying job to devote your attention full time to being Mother Pukka, was that a hard decision to make? 

It was financially tough. I love stuff and having money to buy the stuff. But I couldn’t do the mad gallop to daycare any more like a rasping labrador. Something had to shift; I’ve never really hung around on a decision – if it’s not working, head to new pastures. The minute I told Mae, ‘Mama’s going to be around a lot more now I’ve quit my job’… her response was a fairly lacklustre, ‘oh’.

What advice would you give to a new mum wanting to start their own blog, and how easy is it to monetise? 

I suppose be honest about who you are. It’s no good offering up a blog about Scandinavian minimalist design if you live in a bric-a-brac-filled raggedy shoe box. It’s better to say ‘cool ideas for people in raggedy shoe boxes’ than try and be something you’re not – only because people sniff you out and lose the faith. In terms of money, it’s a case of putting A LOT in and having a clear plan. You can’t make money without really investing it, so be prepared for that, I suppose.

 What’s on the agenda this week? 

Getting a key re-cut (I lost it!), going to Amsterdam for a meeting with Bugaboo to discuss the next batch of vlogs we’re doing with them and blathering on about flexible working for our ‘Flex Appeal’ campaign. Oh and keeping the small human alive!

We’re obsessed with your foodie vlog, and we loved your bear cake! Share with us your favourite family recipe.

I’m a big fan of Deliciously Ella’s sweet potato brownies. Mae honestly believes its chocolate and it allays any sugar-related guilt from my side for a brief moment.

We’ve loved watching your Instagram flourish; can you give our readers any tips on how to increase followers, what’s your secret when it comes to social?

It’s probably not far off the actual ‘social media’ name. Be social; get stuck in. Don’t see people as competitors but as potential friends. Someone doing something similar to you? See what you can do together… I invest as much time in answering questions for smaller blogs as I do larger publications. Everyone is a potential friend; someone to potential lift you higher – but not before you’ve helped them out!

Name your favourite three Instagram accounts.

What are your favourite three brands at the moment for fashion, lifestyle and food?

Fashion, it’s Ethical Collection’s amazing Breton-striped trousers! Lifestyle it’s Scandi Mini’s ‘High Five’ collection and food I have to say M&S’s 10 quid deal with wine – total bargain.

What’s your go-to look this season?

American Apparel shiny black leggings. I feel like I’m in Fame whenever I slip them on and they’re VERY forgiving post fish finger sarnie.

You’ve recently teamed up with Avon, have you got any beauty tips for tired new mums? 

Grace Timothy from Mum Face told me navy mascara is more forgiving on tired eyes – it actually works; the woman is a beauty goddess.

How would you sum yourself up in one sentence?

Persistently moving forward with the gusto of a frenzied mosquito and the dress sense of a confused 90s popstrel. Think Atomic Kitten circa 1999-meets-Laura Ashley circa 1989. That’s two sentences, which confirms the frenzy.


Main image features Courage and Kind Cinderella Dress.