In a way I’m a really lazy mama, I’d like to be as natural and organic as possible, but when it comes to nappies I’ve always tended to opt for the mainstream brands. We interviewed husband and wife team Jason and Kim Graham-Nye, founders of the award-winning gNappies to persuade us to switch, and what the benefits would be. 

What inspired you to set up gNappies, and for those readers that haven’t heard of you, please tell us about your company and the ethos behind it.

‘My husband and I were living in Australia when I was pregnant with our first child, and we read a newspaper article about disposable nappies We learned that each nappy takes up to 500 years to biodegrade, and that there were 50 million a day going into landfills in the US alone.  We both imagined our unborn child all grown up and asking us “What the ?X?~S@ were you thinking?!”.  As we contemplated our response, we knew that, “Well sweetie, we are sorry that our generation has left you with this garbage.  But disposable nappies were just so convenient,” wasn’t going to sit well for us’. Kim Graham-Nye, gNappies Co-Founder.

How do gNappies work? Tell us a bit about the science behind the brand.

‘gNappies are part disposable, part reusable and 100% ecodorable, the only certified 100 per cent biodegradable nappy. Everything in the nappy will return to the Earth in a neutral or positive way – turning waste into a resource. Even eco-disposable nappies still contain plastic that will not biodegrade.  We designed them with the baby’s comfort in mind so our high-tech pouch is breathable. Just insert the 100% biodegradable refill into this pouch within our soft cotton gPant nappy covers and then hug your baby.’ Kim Graham-Nye, gNappies Co-Founder.

Mainstream nappy brands are so easy to source and as a product, they’re always reliable. Are gNappies just as effective and absorbent as leading brands, and where can our readers purchase these?

‘While disposable nappies are wonderfully convenient and effective they are horrendous for the environment, on the other hand washable nappies are neither convenient nor very effective in the eyes of most parents. Although better for the environment they aren’t perfect. My husband and I thought ‘why are there only two options ….why not a third? Why isn’t there one that is both convenient and effective while also designed to be gentler on the earth. So we set about to create gNappies,  which are now the UK’s only 100% biodegradable, part disposable, part reusable and 100% ecodorable nappy brand. Your readers can purchase gNappies at and’ Kim Graham-Nye, gNappies Co-Founder.

What ages do they go up to, and what different nappies do you produce?

gNappies range from tiny baby (6-10 lbs/ 2-4kg) to large sized gPants (26-36lbs/ 11-16kg). gNappies are all about options. Choose from a wide selection of colourful, cotton little gPants, (our nappy covers). Then insert either a disposable 100% biodegradable gRefill, or washable gCloth insert . Both inserts fit easily and beautifully in all our little gPants. gNappies are elemental chlorine free, latex free, and perfume free.

Tell us a bit about the non-profit charities you support, and how you are able to do so.

gNappies are involved with many children’s charities around the world. These include K.I.D.S., Nepal Children’s Organisation, Hands to Hearts International, Africa New Life and Healthy Child Healthy World. For these charities we were able to visit Nepal to bring nappy covers to the littlest babies living in the hardest conditions and to provide much needed nappy covers to babies through K.I.D.S. in the wake of the earthquake in Haiti. We have been a proud partner to Hands to Hearts International since 2005 and a portion of the proceeds from the sale of gNappies supports the Healthy Child Healthy World project.

What’s in the pipeline for gNappies?

‘We want to continue to lead the conversation about motherhood and support women in their transformation from woman to mother.  At the same time, we will continue to innovate with new products and launch in new countries”. Kim Graham-Nye, gNappies Co-Founder.

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