Celebrity hairdresser Richard ward says:

 I’ve heard horror stories of women losing hair during and after pregnancy – do you see this often? Does it usually grow back?

Yes it does, but during pregnancy it can get stuck in the Angagen stage of hair growth and so hair becomes thicker and more abundant. During pregnancy oestrogen levels increase which affects hair growth. Post pregnancy hair then triggers back into the telogen stage of hair growth and hair loss can occur. This could occur for some time. Breast feeding can prohibit growth whilst causing further loss of hair. However, once the body returns to normal, hair growth falls back into normal patterns too. When it grows back, in the new hair growth there can be changes to appearance, too.

Do you ever notice a change in hair texture of pregnant women?

Hair is thicker and more luxurious. The greater the change in pregnancy, the greater the chances of change post-pregnancy too, though.

Are there any products you would recommend to keep my hair nourished and manageable during pregnancy?

Ensure products are suitable for your hair type and texture and are not overloaded with chemicals. Choose products with some natural ingredients and derivatives if possible.

Can I bleach, dye or perm my hair during pregnancy? Are there any risks or dangers? Are there any less evasive options?

There is no evidence that using any chemicals such as those in colourants or other technical services will pose any danger at all to pregnant women.  It’s worth having an in-depth consultation with a professional reputable hairdresser and consulting a GP if concerned.  

Can I carry on using my daily Henna shampoo and conditioner?

Although natural, henna is a metallic dye and can produce adverse reactions on any hair in extreme cases, so it’s not advisable to use products containing any high concentrates of henna, although much will depend on the source of the henna.

Will my hair react differently to hair colourants and perm lotions during pregnancy?

Pre-pregnancy hair produced hair will be as normal, but new hair may have different characteristics, so consult your hairdresser.

Would you recommend steering clear of hair sprays and mousses during pregnancy?

We would also recommend to avoid contact with aerosols, but there is no evidence to suggest that the ingredients of styling sprays or mousses themselves are not harmful.

I’ve always had really long thick hair which needs washing every day – should I be drastic and cut it all off so it’s more manageable once the baby is born? What’s the best style and shape to go for?

Women often make the mistake of thinking that shorter will be less labour intensive and easier to look after, but being able to manage your style will be easy on days when time is short if you can put it back into a ponytail, so think about the daily maintenance involved and discuss your style choices with your stylist.  

How often do you suggest cutting hair during pregnancy, should I visit my salon more or less?

Follow a regular pattern to keep on top of your style – 6/8 weeks is the recommended schedule for keeping well groomed in terms of cutting and colouring.

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