Q for Greyson:

Greyson, at age nine, came up with the idea of BrickStix. reusable, removable, and restickable stickers. Tell us a bit more about your light bulb moment?

I have been building with LEGO® bricks since I was about 5. I consider them the perfect toy, except for the stickers. If I used the stickers that came with the sets, I couldn’t remove them without ruining the brick. If I put them on crooked–same problem. After telling my mom about the problem, I noticed a pair of new sunglasses. They had a UV cling in the corner. I noticed it stuck using static. So, I tried it on my bricks and it worked.  That is where it all started. Fast forward a few years…Now we make cling decals that work using static and reusable stickers with a special adhesive that won’t leave ick on your brick. Both are awesome!

Q for Amy and husband:

How did Greyson persuade you to make a business out of the idea and how quickly did it move from his concept to a finished product?

Greyson is a kid full of ideas. Like most kids, he is always talking about things he wants to build, make, invent. The idea for BrickStix was told to me just like all the others. He told me he was tired of stickers he couldn’t get off. He wanted to be able to customize his builds with decals, and then be able to change his mind without ruining his bricks. He was excited about the possibility. We looked up reusable decals for plastic bricks online. Nothing came up. We were both surprised. Once Greyson figured out that using a decal with static cling stuck to his bricks, we started researching more. His enthusiasm was contagious. Our family thought it was a great idea, I called my brother and sister-in-law and they loved it too. The work began. The whole process from concept to the first run of BrickStix took about a year and a half.

Q for Greyson:

What was it like to be named ‘Young Inventor of the Year’ at the Toy and Game Inventor of the Year (TAGIE) awards in Chicago?

I was completely shocked I won the TAGIE for Young Inventor of the Year. I was up against great kids inventors, with great toys. I was happy to be nominated. When they called my name I looked at my mom, we were both totally shocked. She said, “Go, Go!” I had to make a speech. I hadn’t written anything since I didn’t think I would win. I just remember looking out at everyone and thanking my family for believing in me. It was a really cool night.

Q for Greyson:  

How much input do you have on a regular basis, and has it ever effected your school work ?

I have a lot of input. I do all of the research. I give suggestions about which sets to do and make a lot of sketches. My uncle is an amazing designer and he makes it all look awesome! If we can’t decide on something, I am often the deciding vote. School is never affected unless I have a big interview or something. I have been on Conan, Martha Stewart, radio and other news programs. I missed a little bit of school, but always finished my work. School comes first at my house. I have learned a lot from the opportunities I have been given.

Q for Amy and husband:

What do you as a family to relax and have fun?

We love to spend time together. Playing in the yard, movie nights, trips to museums and pretty much anything we can find to expose the kids to new things-from foods to experiences.

Q for Greyson:

When you’re not coming up with new inventions, what do you like to do with your friends to have fun?

I love to play hockey. I also enjoy reading and bike rides with friends and just hanging out. I am a 13 year old kid who likes to do normal kid things.

Q for Greyson

What’s the plan for your future? Do you see yourself in the toy industry once you’ve finished schooling, or do you have other plans you’d like to pursue at this point?

I would like to see BrickStix keep growing. I also have other interests. I know I will always be in a creative field. Whether my career is in the toy business, architecture, science or engineering, only time will tell. I just want to do something that makes me happy and lets me live the life I want.

Q for Amy and husband:

What did you do for a day job before the business took off, and do you still pursue your other careers?

In my life before children I was a graphic designer. I stayed home when the kids were young, volunteered in an out of the classroom, and started a small business. When Greyson came up with the idea, I became the person in charge of the day to day business regarding BrickStix. I do not work alone! We have a great team assembled. My husband was an attorney before BrickStix, and remains one today. Obviously, he handles all contracts, patent work and other needs. My brother, Nate, and sister-in-law, Christa, are also a huge part of BrickStix and we have a Toy Consultant , Ann, as well. We need all parts to keep BrickStix working.

Q for Amy and husband:

What’s it like having such an entrepreneur for a son? How do you manage to juggle business and family life?

Matt and I are both very proud of Greyson and his idea. He has been given many incredible opportunities. Radio spots, television interviews, speaking opportunities and more, have been part of his life over the past couple years. Those opportunities have prepared him for the future and anything he chooses to do. We try to make sure he misses as little school as possible and we always try to make each event a family activity. We have two girls, Lily and Annie, who also join us at trade shows and help with the business. Juggling business and family can sometimes be overwhelming, but we make an effort to turn off the computer and make time for each other.

Q for all:

 What’s in the pipeline for the three of you, and BrickStix?

We are always evolving, and looking for new opportunities. New sets and designs are always in our future. We look forward to new partners and collaborations as we grow BrickStix. Everything we do is done with our family and business in mind. Greyson started BrickStix and he is key in deciding what comes next.