When over in Spain there are a few main cities you are likely to visit, Barcelona, Madrid or Seville. These have all been taken into account when finding the best in child care for you.

The standard emergency number is 112, same as the rest of Europe, but you can also call 061 from most cities. Each region has its own emergency call centre with phone operators who dispatch the closest emergency service to you.

There are many hospitals in these three cities that specialise in children. Hospital Universitario La Paz in Madrid is best for maternity and El Niño Jesús and El Ramón y Cajal are great for childcare. In Barcelona there’s the Vall d’Hebron, San Juan de Dios and the Virgen del Rocio in Seville. If you would like to go privately then try Monte príncipe, La Zarzuela in Madrid, and Quiron in Barcelona.

If you do not need emergency care and simply need to a see a Doctor, Dr. Luis Sancho has been recommended for Madird, and both, Dr. Juan Ortega, and Dr. Vicente Molina for when in Barcelona.

When staying in Madrid you will be sent the Summa-112 who are well known for helping women deliver thier babies at home, then transfering them to their local specialist hospital.  These have fanstastic success stories of mothers and children being in perfect condition.

Also, a little tip, when looking out for those flashing lights, make sure you look out for amber, only the Police forcé are allowed to use blue in Spain!