If you ever find yourself out in Italy there’s a variety of emergency phone numbers that you will need to take with you, so grab a pen and note these down.

First of all there is 118, this is the number for the ambulance service. They are known for their under eight-minute response time in serious cases, and under twenty minutes for those areas that are outside of town. 

Do be warned that there may be a language issue here, so the best thing before you leave for your holiday would to be memorise this phrase… Parli inglese?’  That’s ‘do you speak English?’, which may turn out to be quite a help.

Secondly, there is 113, this number will put you straight through to the Police should you need to contact them. 1530 is the Coast Guard should you have an issue at the beach, and the Fire Service is on 115.

A couple of other useful facts / tips for you:

This only occurs in certain cities, but you will be only admitted to the hospital if you are resident in Italy. If you’re not, you will still have to go via A&E. They will then hospitalise you according to your need.

Look up the local hospital’s phone number and make a note of it before you travel, as they are more likely to have an English speaking staff member than those at the Emergency Services. If you call 911, America’s emergency number whilst in Italy you will be transferred to the Italian emergency services automatically.

Lastly, if you are unsure of what service you need then call 112, as this has become a European emergency number that will connect you the right service.