In Norway there is a vast array of emergency numbers, and we have listed just a few of the most important ones here for you:

  • Fire and bigger accidents 110
  • Police and emergencies 112
  • Ambulance is on 113
  • Issues with poison 22 59 13 00, 
  • Dental emergencies 22 67 30 00 
  • Crisis / emergency number for women and children 70 12 50 07

With having such a selection of numbers you are able to get better advice quicker!

The Haukeland is a national special hospital and resource center for Burn injuries, air-pressure injuries, Cornea-protesises and treatment of intercranial tumors.

The three following hospitals are part of the Oslo University Hospital: 

1) Rikshospitalet is highly specialised with special assignments in research and the development of new methods of treatment. Rikshospitalet covers the whole country in various fields, including organ and bone marrow transplants, advanced neurosurgery, and treatment of children with congenital malformations. Rikshospitalet is also responsible for health care to the Norwegian Royal Family! 

2)The Ullevål Sykehus has many specialised areas, including a reputable maternity ward. It’s also a level I trauma centre, servicing approximately half of Norway’s population. 

3) The Norwegian Radium is dedicated to cancer treatment. It is the largest cancer centre in Northern Europe, with 400 beds and around 2,000 employees. 

In case of an emergency, or any injury that needs attention, you can visit the legevakt (first aid services). This is a public service and each community has one. The wait is long, but you will receive care anytime, 24/7.

With so many dentists available in Oslo, it is best to ask friends or colleagues if they can recommend a dentist.  Otherwise, most dentists have private practices and can be found under Tannleger in the Gule Sider (Yellow Pages).