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10 Great Reasons Your Family Should Adopt A Cat

We talk to the brilliant US cat behaviourist Rita Reimers about why cats make such fantastic family pets. 

Did you know that cats are now the number one pet in the world today? And rightly so. Cats are finally becoming understood by humans in ways they never were before, and more people are discovering the benefits of feline companionship.

Here are my top 10 reasons why everyone should adopt a cat (or two!):

10. Cats have cute child-like faces

Those cute little whiskered noses are reason enough to add a cat to your life. One of the explanations why cats appeal to us so much is their faces closely resemble the composition of our own human faces. Also, their cry even sounds like a human baby! (Yes, they saw us coming a mile away!)

9. Alarm clock duty

Hate waking up to the sound of a buzzing beeping alarm clock? Get a cat, and you’ll never have to set that alarm again. Instead, you will awaken to a wet, furry nose, beaconing you to come quickly to refill the food dish.

8. Cats are good for your kids

Your kids will grow up respecting animals and taking responsibility for them if you have a cat in your home. Also, young children who grow up with cats in the home have reduced allergen responses to cat dander later in life.


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7. Cats make you laugh

There is not a day in my life when my cats don’t do something that make me laugh. And laughter is good for the soul. Sometimes I think they put on little shows for me, especially when I have company over. They are born performers.

6. Company for your other pets

Do you have another cat, or perhaps a dog, who is bored all day when you’re at work? Adding a cat to your household will give your other cat, or your dog, a companion to be with when you’re not at home. Have you seen those cute Facebook photos of cats and dogs snuggled up together? Awww!

5. PURRfect companions for seniors

Seniors and cats pair well together. Caring for a cat (or two) will give the senior person in your life a purpose, as well as a daily companion to chase away the blues. A cat napping on a lap is the best way for a senior to spend a quiet evening.

4. Purring lulls you to sleep

Do you have insomnia? Get a cat! There’s something about the gentle purr, and the vibration of a cat’s body at night, that will gently ease you into dreamland. Whenever I take a business trip, I have trouble sleeping without my cats purring in the bed with me.

3. Cats fit your busy life

If you work long hours or have an unpredictable schedule, cats are the best companion for you. Since cats don’t need to be walked, you can get home late and not have a mess to clean up on your floor. Let’s hear it for CATS!

2. Cats are fiercely loyal

Once a cat has given his trust to you, he will love you like no other. Cats are deeply loyal, and they will stick by you in sickness, as well as in health. Whenever I am feeling ill, or just feeling low, my cats are right there to purr me back into health.

And the number one reason you should adopt a cat:

1. To improve your overall heath

People who have cats in their homes have reduced stress and anxiety, as well as an improved sense of general well-being. Cat owners are 30% less likely to die from a heart attack or stroke. Cats can even improve your joint mobility and speed up the healing of broken bones; cat’s purr between 20 and 140mz, which is the frequency at which bones and muscles in heal in the human body. Besides that, purring one of the best soothing sounds a person can hear.

That was just 10 reasons, and I bet you have your own special reasons for adopting a cat or two. Whatever your reason, you’ll never go wrong when you open your home, and your heart, to a wonderful feline companion.

Rita Reimers, Cat Meownipulator

If you’re looking to adopt a cat, please check out a rescue centre near you. We recommend following The Ginger Cat House Rescue, Refuge and Rehome Centre. Surrey UK.


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