My best friend Tamara is my health guru and when she says you need to start eating something I’m all over it in seconds.  She’s guest blogged healthy recipes for us since we started My Baba and she knows her stuff, this is why I’m so excited about the imminent arrival of her food brand Rebel Kitchen.

Rebel Kitchen which will be launching with three yummy dairy-free ‘mylk’ drinks in banana, chocco and orange flavour. The drinks are aimed at children from three but everyone will be drinking these scrumptious dairy free thirst quenchers. 

My favourite is the Choco Mylk which is made with Fairtrade cocao and a touch of organic date nectar, topped up with coconut milk and water to create the perfect blend.

Tamara says “We believe that eating the right nutritional foods is the best form of preventative medicine. This belief is at the heart of everything we do and runs through every aspect of our organisation”.

The gorgeous 200ml cartons (RRP 99p) will be launching officially this month and will be available nationwide via the Rebel Kitchen website.

Banana Mylk,RRP 99p

Orange Choc Mylk, RRP 99p

Choco Mylk, RRP 99p