It’s always fun to look back and reminisce about old childhood toys, and it’s even better when you can still buy them for your children! We have pulled a list together of our favourite retro toys that are still going strong.

Nintendo NES Mini, Argos

Traditional Jacks Game, Rex London

Mr Potato Head, Argos

Diamond Kite, Not on the High Street


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Balloon Powered Train Toy, Rex London

Metal Spud Gun, Amazon

Tiddly Winks, Bigjigs

Cats Cradle, Amazon

Fisher Price Vintage Camera, Smallable

Hobby Horse, Smyths

Beetle Game, National Trust

Chatter Telephone, JoJo Maman Bebe

Fisher-Price Cash Register, John Lewis

Hopscotch Game, Hamleys

Care Bears, Smyths

Twister, Asda


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Mr Frosty, Argos

Connect 4, Smyths

Bigtrak, Amazon

Fisher Price Record Player, Kidly

Mouse Trap Game, Smyths

Time Shock, Hawkin’s Bazaar

Kazoo, Rex London

Etch-A-Sketch Classic, Amazon

Teddy Ruxpin, Smyths

Jack in the Box, Hawkin’s Bazaar

Juggling Balls, Rex London

Tin Kaleidoscope, Amazon


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